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Type of bag

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  The types of bags include square bottom open pockets, square bottom valve pockets, sewn bottom open pockets, plastic woven bags, film covered light bags, etc.

  1. Square bottom open pocket: it is a kind of packaging bag with both traditional and advanced ideas. The bottom of the bag is square, making the overall effect of the bag comparable to that of the square bottom valve bag.

  2. Film covered light bag: kraft paper bag or paper plastic composite bag is coated with a layer of waterproof light film. It is waterproof and moisture-proof.

  3. Bottom seam pocket opening: It is a traditional packaging bag used by many enterprises. The bottom is sewn and sealed with high-strength fiber thread, and it contains an easy pull mouth, which is convenient to operate when unpacking.

  4. Plastic woven bag: also known as snake skin bag. It is a kind of plastic used for packaging.

  5. Square bottom valve pocket: it is a kind of packaging bag born under the guidance of the idea of improving packaging efficiency and facilitating transportation. The overall appearance of the bag is square, which is very suitable for stacking and transportation. The valve opening at the bottom is convenient for filling materials, and the sealing is simple and easy.

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