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The difference between aluminum foil bag and composite bag and vacuum packaging bag

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  The main thin -film substrates of the composite bag are: outer layer -printed film BOPA BOPETBOPP inner layer of thermal sealing film CPPPE and co -squeezing film. Alumage foil is also one of them. The characteristics of aluminum foil bags and composite packaging bags and different types of aluminum foil composite bags in the composite bags of aluminum foil bags. These data are usually used as the middle layer. According to the requirements, the plastic barrel sealing machine is synthesized by glue composite film.

  The rare structures of aluminum foil bags are: PET/PA/PE or CPPPET/A L/CPPPA/A L/CPPPET/PA 0/A L/CPP Basic features are: PE is suitable for low temperature use, CPP is suitable for high -temperature cooking to increase the physical strength in order to increase physical strength , Pasting resistance, AL aluminum foil is to increase the resistance. The milk tea sealing machine is generally used as the middle layer PET to increase the mechanical strength, which is stiff. Toylability sealing machines are then transparent according to the needs, combinations, various performances, and transparent in order to increase the obstruction of oxygen resistance and hydrophilication. The 1 aluminum foil bag with water -resistant PVA high -resistance coating has a metal luster. Higher reflex capacity, vacuum packaging bags and aluminum foil bags are more beautiful and brighter.

  The isolation performance of aluminum foil bags is good, strong maintenance performance, and has the characteristics of non -breathable gas and water and gas. As a result, the sucking sealing machine can effectively prevent the internal moisture absorption and gasification, and it is not vulnerable to the infringement of bacteria and insects. The shape stability is good. Not affected by changes in humidity. 3 Use shielding or elution for local aluminum plating, which can obtain any pattern and any transparent window. The aluminum foil sealing machine allows customers to see the packaging content. This is a major progress of the production technology of aluminum foil bags. The difference between composite bags and aluminum foil bags, vacuum bags.

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