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A detailed introduction to food packaging bags

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Food packaging is an integral part of food products. One of the primary projects in the food industry process. It maintains food and prevents the harm of biological, chemical, and physical external factors during its circulation from leaving the factory to customers. It can also have the function of maintaining the stable quality of food itself

It facilitates the consumption of food and first reflects the appearance of the food, attracting consumer image, and has value beyond material costs. Therefore, the food packaging process is also an integral part of the food production system engineering. But the universality of the food packaging process also gives it a relatively independent self system.

The process of using plastic packaging for food products primarily includes four industrial professions: the first profession refers to the production of plastic resins and films. The second profession is the processing of flexible and rigid packaging materials, the third profession is the packaging mechanization production industry, and the fourth profession is the food processing industry.

In a profession, one uses materials such as petroleum, coal, and natural gas to form polymeric low molecular compounds, thereby forming various resins. From this, it is processed into single or multi-level composite films for food processing factories to use for packaging food. Our company has generally produced the following types of food packaging.

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