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The application of vacuum in food packaging and freezing and drying industry

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  In the past two decades, the use of vacuum atmosphere to keep food for fresh packaging technology has developed rapidly. Because this kind of packaging not only has oxygen to make foods not easy to rot and deteriorate, but also the characteristics of body and inflatable packaging can not be harmed by insects and can inhibit mold growth. It is easy to operate, low price, low cost, beautiful and generous, and easy to popularize. There are many types of foods in vacuum packaging, such as mustard, big head, kelp, sausage, chicken, roast duck, soybean products, milk powder, wheat milk, and so on.

  Because the intermediate links passed by fresh products from harvesting to another sale are longer, and the loss is seriously increased to increase sales prices. The spear followed. Therefore, vacuum preservation will be a market that is greatly potential and active in people's lives.

  The vacuum frozen drying technology first appeared in the early 20th century, and has developed rapidly in recent years. This is because it has many advantages from the usual hot drying and hot air, drying infrared, and high -frequency drying. Because the process of freezing and drying is to freeze the dry material, and then smoke the vacuum, so that the water that has frozen the icing in the material directly sublimates and removes it without liquid. Therefore, the products after the frozen drying can not only show the porous state and maintain the original shape, it is easy to restore the original shape after adding water, and the low temperature drying can also prevent the heat decomposition of the material. At the same time, because dry materials in vacuum atmosphere are exempt from oxidation, the physical, chemical and biological properties of dry products can be completely unchanged. The application range of vacuum frozen and drying is expanding year by year.

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