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What does the three-side seal of the bag mean?

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  The three-side sealing food packaging bag is a commonly used packaging bag. It is sealed on three sides, and only one opening is left for the user to load the product when the bag is made. The method of making three-side sealing food packaging bags is simple. It is a commonly used food packaging in the market. The three-side sealing bag making method is more common. Vacuum bags are often used, the combination of three-side sealing bags and zippers, and the combination of three-side sealing zipper sealing food packaging bags. Favored by the majority of customers. Food packaging bags are often made of multi-layer composites, which have good water and oxygen resistance functions. We will customize packaging bags of different specifications and materials according to customer requirements, and can also be made into flat bags, three-dimensional bags, middle-sealed bags, four-side sealed bags, eight-side sealed bags, nozzle bags, special-shaped bags, etc. Bags as one of the modern plastic flexible packaging large-scale production enterprises,

  The main products and characteristics of the three-side sealed bag Food, nuts and seeds, rice, cosmetic bags, facial mask bags, medicine bags, etc.

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