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What are the composition of plastic bags?coffee packaging plastic bag wholesale

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  The plastic we usually use is not a pure substance, it is prepared by many materials. In order to become a plastic packaging bag with good performance.

  Synthetic resin

  Synthetic resin is the most important component of plastic, and its content in plastic is generally 40%to 100%. Because the content of large and the nature of the resin often determines the nature of plastic, people often regard resin as synonyms of plastic. For example, polyvinyl chloride resin mixes with polyvinyl chloride plastic, phenolic resin and phenolic plastic. In fact, resin and plastic are two different concepts. Resin is an unprocessed primitive polymer. It is not only used to make plastic, but also coatings, adhesives and synthetic fiber raw materials. In addition to a small part of the plastic containing 100%resin, most of the plastics need to be added in addition to the main component resin.


  Courisions are also known as filling, which can improve the strength and heat resistance of plastic and reduce costs. For example, adding wood powder to the phenolic resin can greatly reduce costs, making phenolic plastic one of the cheapest plastics, and at the same time, it can also significantly improve the mechanical strength. The filler can be divided into two types: organic fillers and inorganic fillers. The former such as wood powder, fragmented cloth, paper and various fabric fibers, etc., latter such as glass fiber, diatomite, asbestos, charcoal black, etc.


  Plastic agents can increase the plasticity and softness of plastic, reduce brittleness, and make plastics easy to process. The plasticizer can generally be mixed with the resin, non -toxic, odorless, and organic compounds for high -boiling points with light and heat stability. The most commonly used is phthalate. For example, when producing polyvinyl chloride plastic, if more plasticizers are added, a soft polyvinyl chloride plastic can be obtained. Essence


  In order to prevent the decomposition and destruction of light and heat during processing and use of synthetic resin, and extend the service life, the stabilizer should be added to the plastic. Commonly used are hard fatty acid salt, epoxy resin, etc.


  Coloring agents can make plastic have a variety of bright and beautiful colors. Common organic dyes and inorganic pigments are used as color.


  The role of lubricant is to prevent plastic from not sticking to the metal mold when forming, and at the same time, the surface of the plastic can be smooth and beautiful. Common lubricants include hard fat acid and its calcium magnesium salt.

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