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What is the difference between vacuum bag and aluminum foil bag

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  Aluminum foil bag is a composite bag containing aluminum foil, and there is no aluminum foil in the material of vacuum bag, which is the biggest difference between aluminum foil bag and composite bag.

  Secondly, there are some differences in materials.

  The film base material of vacuum packaging bag includes the outer printable film BO, PA, BO, PET, BOPP, the inner heat-sealing film CPPPE, and co-extrusion film. Aluminum foil is usually used as intermediate layer material, plastic barrel sealing machine through glue composite film.

  The structure of the aluminum foil bag is PET/PA/or CPPPET/AL/PE CPPPA/AL/CPPPET/PA0 / AL/CPP.

  PE in aluminum foil bag is suitable for use at low temperature, CPP is suitable for cooking at high temperature, PA is to enhance the physical strength and puncture resistance of aluminum foil bag, and aluminum foil is to increase the barrier performance of aluminum foil bag

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