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juice bag in box Factory.Classification of liquid packaging bags

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(1) Food specific liquid packaging bags: For food specific liquid packaging bags, all materials must comply with food hygiene standards.

(2) Chemical specific liquid packaging bags: Most chemical liquids have strong corrosiveness, and special corrosion-resistant materials and valves are used for chemical products with strong corrosiveness.

(3) Oil specific liquid packaging bag: Oil specific liquid packaging bag, suitable for the transportation of various oil liquids.

(4) High temperature resistant liquid packaging bag: For liquids that require high-temperature storage or transportation, high-temperature resistant liquid packaging bag materials are used.

(5) According to different transportation requirements, liquid packaging bags can be divided into two layers (1+1), three layers (2+1), four layers (3+1), and five layers (4+1).

1. Low packaging procurement cost. Compared with traditional liquid packaging containers, LAF container liquid packaging bags can save customers 50-80% of packaging procurement costs.

2. Reduce logistics costs for customers. Using container liquid packaging bags, a 20 'container can hold 25 cubic meters of goods, which increases container utilization by 56% compared to traditional packaging containers.

3. Safety and hygiene. The inner layer material of the liquid packaging bag is food grade low-density polyethylene, which can directly contact food grade liquid products; LAF liquid packaging bags are disposable and do not require cleaning, which is more in line with food packaging requirements.

4. High operational efficiency. Loading and unloading a 20 'container of liquid packaging bags only takes 20 minutes, making the operation convenient and saving labor.

5. Strong applicability. Container liquid packaging bags can meet the transportation requirements of railways, sea freight, and highways.

6. Green and environmentally friendly. The material of container liquid packaging bags is biodegradable, recyclable, environmentally friendly, and pollution-free.

7. When installing liquids in containers, it is also necessary to inspect the entire container. To prevent damage to the liquid packaging bags, it is required that the inside of the container be clean and tidy, without sharp edges, cracks, depressions, loose or protruding floor nails, and there are no burrs or sharp protrusions inside the container door.

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