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Sterile packaging bag.aluminum foil bag large custom

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aluminium spout pouch sales

Suitable sterilization method: ETO ethylene oxide sterilization disinfection, Gamma cobalt 60 irradiated sterilization sterilization, high temperature, high pressure sterilization steam disinfection. (Such as disposable medical equipment sterilization)

Note: If the sterile packaging bag is prohibited, it is forbidden to use it to avoid bacterial pollution.

Sterile packing bags The principle of fungal blocking: sterilization factors such as sterilization gas

Use sterilization factor (such as EO ethylene poisonous gases, or high -temperature steam, or Gamma cobalt 60 radiation rays, etc.) can penetrate the sterile packaging bags to kill the bacteria inside the packaging bag, and then use the sterile packaging bag material The aperture is disbanded to ensure non -toxic residues, so that the items inside the sterile bag are stored in an internal state after sterilization, and the bacteria outside the packaging bag are greater than the pores of the packaging material, and they are greater than the pore diameter of the bag. Outside the outside, a sterile packaging bag is a sterile barrier isolation effect

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