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How did the bag pattern come from?

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  PEVA freezer bag

  Generally speaking, commodity packaging should include such elements as trademark or brand, shape, color, pattern and material.

  The trademark or brand trademark or brand is the most important component of the package and should occupy a prominent position in the overall package.

  Appropriate packaging shape is conducive to storage, transportation and display, as well as product sales. Therefore, shape is an indispensable combination element in packaging.

  Packaging color is the most stimulating sales component in packaging. The color combination that highlights the characteristics of commodities can not only strengthen the brand characteristics, but also have a strong appeal to customers.

  The importance and indispensability of packaging patterns in packaging are self-evident, just like the pictures in advertisements.

  What is the manufacturing process of plastic bags?

  1、 The printing factory purchases the raw material film according to the client's needs.

  Plastic packaging bags produced by composite plastic flexible packaging manufacturers are composed of different films, which are composed of two or three or even four layers. These films need to be ordered from special film blowing manufacturers. Generally, the types of films are determined according to the size and material of the bags required by customers.

  2、 Need to engrave copper plate.

  Generally, composite plastic flexible packaging is a intaglio printing process, which requires the first engraving of copper plate. The copper plate is carved according to the pattern and size of the customer's plastic packaging bag, so once the copper plate is carved, it is dedicated to the bag and cannot be modified. The size and surface of the bag cannot be modified. The price of a set of copper plate is at least several hundred yuan, so you must be very careful before making plates to ensure that the pattern and size will not be wrong. Otherwise, re plate making will not only cause you losses, but also delay the construction period.

  Plate used for gravure color printing

  3、 The color printing factory conducts color printing, compounding and bag making.

  There are generally three processes for color printing factory to produce plastic bags:

  1. Color printing: The color printing machine is responsible for printing the pattern on a film according to the customer's needs. The film printed with the pattern is generally the middle layer of the finished plastic packaging bag. This is one of the advantages of the intaglio printing composite plastic packaging bag belt, because the pattern ink is in the middle layer, which ensures that the plastic packaging bag will not lose color.

  2. Composite: A plastic packaging bag is made of several layers of films made of different materials. The composite process is to firmly composite these layers. If a plastic packaging bag is delaminated during use, generally check the composite process first. Now some better manufacturers of plastic packaging bags use solvent-free compounding machines, which do not use glue or rarely use glue. The quality of plastic packaging bags produced is a leap.

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