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What is the quality of degradable plastic bags?

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  Degradable plastic bags began to become "net red". However, many people doubt the quality of degradable plastic bags. As a result, they need to be degraded. Will degradation affect the use of plastic bags? Is the quality of degradable plastic bag better than that of ordinary plastic bag?

  1. Principle of degradable plastic bag

  Biodegradable plastic bags are made of biodegradable base materials, added with natural materials such as starch and plant fiber. Under natural conditions such as light and heat, they can be degraded into water, carbon dioxide and soil fertility substances, producing substances harmful to the environment.

  2. How about the quality of degradable plastic bags

  The degradable plastic bag has high durability and toughness: the small bag has 4 small barrels of endurance, and the product is firm and not easy to be damaged.

  Degradable plastic bag

  Sometimes, the food with water and soup is put into plastic bags. The biodegradable plastic bags produced by global environmental protection are made of excellent materials and sealed by the United States, with good sealing performance and no water leakage. In addition, the degradable plastic bag mentioned previously uses starch, fiber, etc., which can be used with confidence. Environmental protection, reliability and durability, why not choose biodegradable plastic bags?

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