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How to distinguish the materials of food packaging bags?

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  Food packaging bags can be made of a variety of materials, such as polyethylene, polypropylene, nylon and polyester. I wonder how much you know about food packaging bags, and how to distinguish the materials of plastic food packaging bags?

  Some food plastic bags will be marked with "△". The numbers inside represent the main components of plastic packaging. The plastic code consists of the corresponding abbreviation code, where the figure is an equilateral triangle with three arrows, indicating that the material category is plastic. The plastic code is a combination of 0 and Arabic numeral serial number, which is located in the center of the chart and represents different. The plastic abbreviation code is located below the chart:

  1. Polyester: 01 PET

  2. High density polyethylene: 02 HDPE

  3. PVC: 03 PVC

  4. Low density polyethylene: 04 LDPE

  5. Polypropylene: 05 PP

  6. Polystyrene: 06 PS

  7. Other plastic code: 07 Others

  Of course, some food plastic bags without this mark can be touched. PE food plastic bags are soft and PP food plastic bags are hard.

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