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The advantages and development prospects of aluminum foil bags

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In the packaging bag market, functional packaging, active packaging, and intelligent packaging are flourishing. Entering the food counters of many merchants, they bring prosperity and convenience to the operators' operations with their unique charm. Industry insiders believe that the emergence of new food packaging not only showcases new products and technologies in the world's packaging and food processing industries, promotes technological progress in the industry, but more importantly, ensures the quality of food from the inside out, solves many factors such as difficulty in long-distance transportation and preservation, and meets the needs of operators and consumers. Expert analysis shows that this new type of food packaging will always be favored and its prospects are promising.

Aluminum foil bags have a wide range of raw materials and low costs. Its main raw materials are waste paper or annual herbaceous fiber pulp, such as weeds, firewood, etc. The raw materials are inexhaustible.

Aluminum foil bags can be recycled and reused repeatedly, and can also degrade with the soil without causing pollution to the soil. The breathability of paper packaging is also good, and the fresh products packaged are not easy to rot. Aluminum foil packaging has good water absorption, hydrophobicity, and thermal insulation. Various additives can also be added according to customer requirements during pulping to make the product acid resistant, alkali resistant, sun resistant, waterproof, oil resistant, non leakage, and non deformation.

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