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Let's learn about upright bags

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1、 Classification of upright bags

1. Ordinary upright bag

Also known as edge sealed upright bags, it is a packaging method that cannot be resealed after opening.

2. Vertical bag with suction nozzle

It is a packaging form that combines bottles with soft packaging, and can be opened multiple times before being closed. It has been used for beverage packaging, liquid seasoning, jelly, etc. for a long time.

3. Upright zippered bag (self standing zippered bag)

According to the different types of sealing, it can be divided into four edge sealing and three edge sealing. Four edge sealing refers to the need to seal another edge of the flexible packaging after packaging the product, in addition to the zipper sealing. When applicable, the edge needs to be torn off. Three sided sealing means no further sealing, only sealing with zipper edges. The edge strength of a three sided seal is smaller than that of a four sided seal. It is commonly used to hold lighter products (such as candy, biscuits, etc.), while a four sided seal can also hold heavier products (such as rice, etc.).

4. Mouth-like upright bag

The faux mouth upright bag combines the convenience of an upright bag with a suction nozzle with the affordability of a regular upright bag. The function of the suction nozzle is achieved through the shape of the bag itself. However, upright bags with a mouth like shape cannot be repeatedly sealed and opened, so they are generally used for packaging liquid, colloidal, and semi-solid products that are disposable, such as beverages and jellies.

5. Irregular upright bag

According to packaging needs, new upright bags of various shapes are produced by changing the traditional bag shape, such as waistband design, bottom deformation design, and handle design. It is currently the main direction for the value-added development of upright bags.

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