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Why do we use grain bags for vacuum preservation?

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  First, its single grain, forming a lot of micro channels, so that the vacuum without dead Angle.

  Second, it is 7 layers of co-extrusion, no glue composite. Although many manufacturers say that glue is non-toxic, but many domestic manufacturers are impetuous, eager for quick success and instant benefits. Moreover peer competition is fierce, only cut corners on raw materials. So the quality of glue is difficult to guarantee. During the cooking process, the glue will boil out of the ordinary vacuum bag, and it is not known whether it is poisonous or not. So it's a little bit more hygienic.

  Third, the grain bag is not printed, there will be no ink and chemical solvent pollution. Or hygiene!

  The vacuum bag is of great benefit to food preservation. The biggest advantage is that the vacuum device is used to vacuum the bag, which can prevent the breeding of bacteria and microorganisms. The fresh life of the food in the bag can be extended 3-5 times, and the nutrients of the food can be locked.

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