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If you don't know how to identify the vacuum packaging bag, come and see.vacuum zipper bags for clothes manufacturer

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  Vacuum zipper bag Processing

  One and three -sided sealing bag type: The three -sided vacuum packaging bag type is common in daily life. For example, the meat food vacuum packaging bag produced by our company, the bag type is all three -sided vacuum packaging bags. However, some of the Gar zipper. After adding zipper, it can also be called a self -proclaimed zipper vacuum packaging bag.

  Second, the self -standing zipper bag type: There is a tray at the bottom of the characteristics of this packaging bag, and the head has bone bones, which can be reused for easy preservation. The bag is beautiful.

  3. Zhongfengfeng piano bag type: There are no edges on both sides of this bag type, so the pattern on the front of the packaging is complete, which is more three -dimensional and beautiful.

  Fourth, alien bag type: Alien vacuum packaging bag refers to unconventional aluminum foil bags, which can be customized according to customer requirements.

  Appearance visual inspection includes projects such as the flatness and transparency of food composite bags. It is mainly used to detect whether there are obvious abrasions and pinhole in the performance of the composite bag, and whether there is pollution at the seal. The appearance check method is as follows:

  ① The inspection of "Bags". Place the center of the food composite bag and sway gently at the 40W solar light. Through the reflection light on the surface of the composite bag, you can clearly find out whether the surface of the composite bag is scratched or traces. Most of the drawing phenomenon is caused by the guidance roller of the bag making machine, so it is necessary to ensure that the guide roller is clean. In addition, no rotation of the guide roller will also cause the composite bag to cause drawing failure.

  ② Check the flatness of the composite bag. Put a composite bag on a flat desktop. If the surface of the composite bag is curved and tilted out or arched inward, it means that the flatness of the composite bag is poor. On the contrary, this shows that the flatness is good. Some: The temperature of the bag is high to destroy the stress of the inner layer of the composite bag; the structure composition is unreasonable; the material itself is uneven.

  ③ Examination of transparency. Some products are particularly important because there is no pattern in large areas, and the transparency is particularly important. The way to check the transparency is to draw a finished bag and observe through indoor indoor light sources. "The phenomenon shows that the transparency is poor, and the transparency is good.

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