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Advantages of BIB packaging compared to other packaging methods

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1. Good freshness: The packaging in the box can effectively isolate air and light, avoid oxidation and pollution of food and beverages, and thus extend the shelf life of food and beverages.

2. Convenient to carry: Bag in box packaging can be selected in different sizes and capacities according to needs, making it convenient for consumers to carry and use, especially outdoors or on the go.

3. Reduce waste: Bag in box packaging can make it easier for consumers to use the last drop of food and beverages, reducing waste and environmental burden.

4. Safety and hygiene: Bag in box packaging can avoid contamination and cross infection, ensuring the safety and hygiene of food and beverages.

5. Low production cost: Compared to other packaging methods, box in bag packaging has lower production costs, which can reduce the production and operating costs of enterprises.

6. Convenient storage: Bag in box packaging can be stacked and stored, occupying less space and facilitating logistics and inventory management for enterprises.

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