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Precautions for use of degradable plastic bags

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  Biodegradable plastic bags are very common products in our lives, and are almost used in many families. Although it has many advantages, there are also many things to pay attention to in the process of using it. Next, let's introduce the matters needing attention when using biodegradable plastic bags?

  When biodegradable plastic bags are used, they bring a lot of conveniences to our life. However, there are also many places to pay attention to when the product is used. For example, the quality of its air pump also needs to be inspected frequently by the enterprise. During the inspection, first place the pump nozzle tightly against your face, and then extract air. If you feel suction, the pump is good. Next, you need to pay attention to that if the bag of the biodegradable plastic bag is inflated after being evacuated, in addition to the loose sealing, on the one hand, the quilt and other things in the bag will deflate, which will also reduce the vacuum.

  Degradable plastic bag

  On the other hand, from the perspective of physics, no matter how dense the material is, there are gaps. Do you know what causes this. In fact, it is mainly due to the negative pressure. As time goes on, air molecules will also be "squeezed" into the bag, and the vacuum effect will gradually decrease.

  In addition, we should pay more attention to other places when using degradable plastic bags. For example, when storing leather and down products, we should put them in this product, but do not completely compress them. Before putting the clothes into the collection bag, remove the wrapping paper or bag, otherwise the compression effect will be affected. In addition, you use degradable plastic bags in your life. If you put clothes in your collection bags, please dry them thoroughly at this time. It is unnecessary to use insect repellents, preservatives, etc., or the purchased items will change color and deteriorate. If you find a crack or a small opening in the vacuum bag during use, you can use ordinary wide sided transparent tape to stick it on both sides, and then it will fit tightly. As a manufacturer, we also establish that we should prevent excessive moisture residue in the degradable plastic bags. If the temperature of a certain place is low, it will condense into water droplets. As long as there are no problems in these places, they can be used normally. Since its establishment, it has been committed to the production, sales and development of plastic packaging for domestic and foreign clothing, bags, footwear and socks.

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