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The printing principle of composite friendly spout pouches custom

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Composite bag printing is classified as gravure printing, which is a plate making skill that carves a depression on the surface of a picture. Generally speaking, copper or zinc plates are chosen as the surface of the carving, and some of the concave ones can be printed using corrosion, carving, copper engraving, or mezzotint metal plate making methods. Collagraphs may be based on gravure printing.

During the rotation process of the gravure cylinder, the ink from the ink bucket is carried onto the layout, and under the effect of the ink scraper, some of the blank ink on the layout is scraped away. The plastic film passes through the period between the gravure cylinder and the imprinting cylinder. By utilizing the pressure between the measuring cylinders, some ink from the concave images and texts on the gravure cylinder is transferred to the substrate. When the substrate passes through the drying oven, the solvent in the ink evaporates under the thermal effect, and it is sequentially fed into the next unit to complete multi-color printing. Due to the varying depth of indentation of images and text on the printing plate, the depth of the ink layer that can be accommodated is also different. When transferred to the surface of the printed material, solid and colorful printed images and text are obtained by overlaying the ink.

Having understood gravure printing, we must understand that before printing composite bags, it is necessary to manufacture copper plates. The circumference and length of the copper plates are determined based on the detailed size of your food bag. Copper plate is made for the plate making company (so why do you need to pay the plate fee before making the goods). If you already have a plate, you can send it directly.

Here's why some customers say the printing fee is so high, as composite bags are gravure printed, which is completely different from the printing of goods in paper boxes and non-woven bags. This is a draft engraved on an iron plate and then printed on a machine. The edition fee is required for the first production, and if there are no changes to the artwork in the future, there will be no edition fee required for reproduction

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