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What is a compound bag

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  What is a composite bag? Many friends who have no contact with plastic packaging bags do not know? Focus on composite packaging, packaging film, food packaging bags, vacuum packaging bags, aluminum foil packaging bags, three-side sealing bags, four-side sealing bags, back-sealing bags, self-supporting bags, self-supporting nozzle bags, eight-side sealing bags, special-shaped bags, etc. , a modern large-scale production enterprise of plastic flexible packaging integrating color printing and bag making, with 21 years of production experience, and a professional R&D team to provide one-stop customized services for your products!

  1. The composite bag packaging has the advantage of high strength. Because it is a multi-layer material, the product has strong puncture resistance, drop resistance and explosion resistance.

  2. The composite bag can resist cold and high temperature, and the product can be eliminated at high temperature, refrigerated at low temperature, and kept fresh

  3. The outer packaging is beautiful and exquisite, which can better reflect the value and sales of the product

  4. It has good insulation performance and strong protection performance. It has the characteristics of airtight gas and water vapor, and is not easy to be invaded by external fine J. It is moisture-proof and moisture-proof.

  5. The compound bag has stable chemical properties, strong acid and alkali resistance, can be placed for a long time, strong tear resistance, good packaging effect, and can hold solids, liquids, nuts, food, daily chemicals, etc.

  6. The composite bag packaging has high transparency, the composite bag has high strength and good ductility, and the composite bag packaging is light in weight and has strong impact resistance.

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