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Common types of transparent vacuum packaging bags

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  1. Nylon co extruded vacuum bag


  Product characteristics

  A. It has excellent puncture resistance, ideal vacuum effect and high cost performance;

  B. It can withstand - 20 ℃ freezing and has high oxygen and humidity resistance

  C. Clean, harmless, non-toxic, environmentally safe.

  D. Transparent and beautiful

  E. Wide applicability. It can be used as small as a single part and as large as the whole equipment.

  F. Good printability helps to improve the image and grade of vacuum packed articles.

  matters needing attention

  A. Avoid direct sunlight and contact with fire sources and corrosive substances.

  B. The sealing temperature is adjusted at 180 ℃ - 200 ℃ on the vacuum packaging machine. During the vacuum pumping process, the temperature should be adjusted properly and the pressure should be lowered to avoid air leakage caused by too dry vacuum pumping.

  2. Nylon composite vacuum packaging bag


  Nylon composite vacuum bag is the most widely used vacuum bag in the market, because nylon composite vacuum bag was the first to enter the market, and nylon composite vacuum bag was first used. Nylon is compounded layer by layer through the laminating machine, and glue needs to be added in the middle. But just because of this, one of the biggest drawbacks of nylon composite bags is that the weather is dry, especially in winter, the vacuum breaking rate will be much higher.

  3. PE vacuum packaging bag

  As the most widely used plastic film bag, PE bag is not as good as nylon in ductility and toughness, and is not suitable for vacuum pumping. However, compared with other materials, PE bag is cheaper. For customers who do not have high vacuum requirements, PE bag can be used for vacuum pumping, but the damage rate and air leakage rate are also high.

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