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About the thickness of vacuum packaging bag

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  Vacuum zipper bag

  The thickness of vacuum packaging bags is different. Generally speaking, the vacuum packaging bag for light products needs a thinner thickness. Take the vacuum packaging bag for rice as an example. The vacuum packaging bag for 1kg and 2kg rice uses a thickness of 10UM, which is often referred to as 10 threads; The vacuum packaging bags for 2.5kg and 5kg rice need 12-15UM.

  In today's economic market, a variety of packaging bags are becoming more and more popular. Among them, vacuum bags are widely used.

  All kinds of food packaging bags are common in life as long as they are within the scope of vision. Go to a supermarket and you will find those colorful packaging bags in the shopping bags are very dazzling. Maybe you are not engaged in the work of packaging products. You will not pay attention to the study of the materials of these ubiquitous packaging bags every day. Now, let's spread the knowledge to everyone.

  Now the use of vacuum bags has penetrated into various industries. No matter in supermarkets or markets, there are many kinds of food packaged with vacuum bags. What functions can vacuum bags have in food packaging.

  Since it is called vacuum packaging bag, the air inside must be removed. It is obvious that oxygen does not exist. We all know that food deterioration is mainly caused by microbial activities. Without oxygen, microorganisms will lack a living environment, and food can naturally be preserved for a long time.

  Second, vacuum can also prevent the oxidation of food, such as some lipids, to prevent their rancidity, and vitamins, which are easy to change color. With vacuum packaging bags, the color, smell and taste of food can be effectively maintained.

  Third, the vacuum bag has a high barrier, which has the effect of preventing water and oxygen. It blocks these things internally. In addition, it has dual protection, stable performance, and can withstand low temperature refrigeration and oil invasion.

  Fourth, some vacuum bags also have the function of moisture-proof. Of course, there are also some high temperature resistant ones. With the traditional sterilization method, the food can be better preserved.

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