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How to distinguish the quality of OPP card head plastic bag?

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  Spout pouch

  OPP card head plastic bags suggest that when purchasing plastic bags and plastic packaging, the method of "looking, smelling, asking and cutting" can be used to identify the safety of plastic products for meals. "Hope", first pay attention to the name of the commodity, so as to identify its use and scope of use. Do not misuse it to avoid accidents; The second is to see whether there is a QS mark on the product label, which is the national standard certification for plastic products that contact food. When observing products, qualified products will never have poor light transmittance or spots, aerosols, bubbles and other problems.

  "Smell", OPP card head plastic bag reminds that if strong plastic smell is found, it proves that the container is not suitable for food preservation, and it may also be unqualified or inferior products. Plastic products for food with qualified quality should not have any peculiar smell. "Ask", if the main function is to load food, you should pay special attention and ask the sales staff about the use of plastic products and whether they can be used for food preservation. Finally, "cut" and touch the plastic container carefully. If there is burr at the plastic opening, it belongs to unqualified product.

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