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Is it normal for frozen food packaging bags to bulge?

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  Speaking of quick-frozen food, I know that it is deeply loved by the general public. For those who do not have the ability to cook, they are very partial to quick-frozen packaged food. Quick-frozen food is in direct contact with the packaging bags, and the packaging bags used are all food-grade materials, so that customers can buy with confidence and eat with peace of mind.

  After the package is sealed, the food is not heated and sterilized. Even if the vacuum packaging bag is tightly sealed, the food will generate gas due to the growth and reproduction of the micro-organism, which will make the packaging bag bulge, which is not the original state. It's useless even if it's cramping, the thin * individual is quite small, and the food itself may have thin *,

  After the food is deteriorated in the packaging bag, the micro-organisms will decompose the components in the material, thereby generating gas, resulting in a decrease in the solid area of the food, an increase in gas, and the phenomenon of bag swelling. But in general, if the food packaging bag is relatively tight, most of it is caused by the deterioration of the food.

  The reason why the food packaging bag is bulky, inflated and leaking is that the seal is not tight. Either the bag is not sealed properly when vacuuming, or the heat is not enough and it is not pressed tightly, resulting in a little air leakage in the future. Unqualified vacuum packaging bags: If the quick-frozen food packaging bags are unqualified, there will be many small holes that are invisible to the naked eye, and air will enter the bag. Or the quality of the vacuum packaging bag is not good, and the sealing function is deteriorated a little bit.

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