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What are the advantages of octagonal sealed packaging bags

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1. The octagonal sealed packaging bag stands steadily, which is conducive to shelf display and the beautiful display of the brand, deeply attracting consumers' attention.

2. Due to the flat and open bottom of the bag, placing it flat provides an excellent display layout.

3. The octagonal sealed zipper bag is equipped with a reusable zipper, allowing consumers to open and close the zipper again, making the box unbeatable.

4. Unique appearance, beware of counterfeits, easy for consumers to recognize, and conducive to brand building.

5. It can be printed in multiple colors and has a beautiful appearance, which has a strong promotional effect.

6. The flexible packaging composite process has a variety of materials, and the benefits are definitely greater than those of a single box based on the thickness of the material, the barrier properties of water and oxygen, the metal effect, and even the printing effect.

7. There are a total of eight printing sections, with sufficient space to describe the product or language product sales, and to promote the global sales of products for use. More complete display of product information.

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