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What are the advantages of liquid chemical packaging bags in transportation?

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There are various types of transportation packaging for liquid chemicals, including plastic bottle packaging, glass bottle packaging, plastic barrel packaging, steel barrel packaging, IBC barrel packaging, TANK packaging, etc. Let's introduce a new type of packaging bag - liquid chemical packaging bag.

Liquid chemical packaging bags can be used to load amino acids, physiological saline, cleaning agents, synthetic resins, etc.

The liquid bag is composed of multiple layers of polyethylene and polypropylene. The inner layer loads goods and gradually reduces the outer pressure. The outer layer provides conflict resistance and static and dynamic pressure performance for the inner structure, ensuring the stability of the goods. Liquid bags are mostly disposable and can be recycled, buried in soil, or incinerated after use, fully meeting international environmental protection treatment requirements and being economical and convenient.


1. Eliminated packaging and labor costs for small packages;

2. Large loading capacity, capable of loading a volume of 15-24 cubic meters. Almost equivalent to ISOTANK's loading capacity, but also saves ISOTANK the cost of renting tanks or returning empty tanks for cleaning;

3. Fully matched with a 20 foot standard container, facilitating international transportation.

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