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Various common sense of plastic packaging bags.valve plastic coffee bag

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bag in box packaging

Plastic packaging bags can be said to be closely related to people's lives. It is used every day, such as food plastic packaging bags, PVC packaging bags, cosmetics bags, clothing packaging bags, non -woven cloth chain bags, but you know how to buy plastic correctly Do you know the packaging bags, do you know some common sense?

1. The packaging bag cannot be mixed, and different items in packaging should buy the corresponding plastic bag. For example, food packaging bags are specifically produced for packaging foods. The raw materials and technology have high requirements for environmental protection and safety; and plastic bags such as chemical, clothing, cosmetics and other plastic bags will be different because of different manufacturing processes, and such plastic packaging bags cannot Used for packaging food, otherwise it will cause damage to human health.

2. When buying plastic packaging bags, many people choose thick and strong, but in fact, the thicker, the stronger the better. The state has severe standards for plastic packaging bags, especially plastic bags for food packaging. It must be produced by regular manufacturers. There are qualified products reviewed by relevant departments. It is necessary to mark the word "food" or "QS logo" for food bags for food. In addition, you can see whether the plastic is clean in front of the light. The qualified plastic bag is very clean and without impurities, and the residual plastic bags will see dirty and impurities.

3. Many people choose beautiful plastic packaging based on the appearance and color, but this is actually unscientific. Although there are many color varieties of plastic packaging bags, we must be cautious when we choose. If you use plastic packaging for eating items, consider the color alone, you must choose the color simple. In this way, it has less additives.

4. About the problem of reuse of plastic packaging bags. Many families have the habit of storing waste plastic packaging bags. In fact, only need to pay attention to neat and waste plastic bags, and it is only green and environmentally friendly and reduced. But do not use the waste plastic bag to touch the food, which will cause chronic damage to our health.

All kinds of common sense of packaging bags

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