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Guide the use of plastic packaging bags

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Plastic packaging bags should be transported reasonably. Plastic packaging bags are an indispensable tool in daily life, which can hold various things. However, some plastic bags also have things that cannot be loaded. For the sake of physical health, it is necessary to pay attention and use plastic packaging bags reasonably. Let's take a look at how to use plastic packaging bags reasonably.

Try to avoid using plastic bags for cooked food. After packaging cooked food in plastic bags, it often causes food degeneration, and after consumption, it is easy to experience symptoms of food poisoning such as vomiting and diarrhea. In addition, plastic bags themselves can also release harmful substances, which accumulate in a sealed environment for a long time. The concentration will increase with the addition of time, and then contaminate the food in the bags, affecting human health, especially the health and development of children.

Do not use ultra-thin plastic bags. Ultra thin plastic bags are lightweight and thin in thickness, but their load-bearing ability is strong because plastic bag manufacturers add plasticizers during the production process, which are extremely harmful to human health. Laws and regulations also prohibit manufacturers from producing and selling ultra-thin plastic bags.

There is no need to pack alcoholic food in plastic bags. Alcoholic and oily foods can cause lead in polyvinyl chloride plastic bags to dissolve into food, and these plastic bags cannot hold food with a temperature above 50 degrees Celsius. In addition, consumers should use specialized food packaging bags for food packaging, especially plastic bags with particularly dark colors, which are likely to be reprocessed from recycled plastic and should be firmly prevented from being used for food packaging.

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