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What equipment is needed to produce plastic packaging bags

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Plastic packaging bags are quite common in our daily lives and are also a concern for most of us. So how are plastic packaging bags produced? What equipment produces plastic packaging bags? Let's talk about the equipment used to produce plastic packaging bags together

The equipment for producing plastic packaging bags includes blow molding machines, R machines, flat mouth machines, printing machines, folding machines, slitting machines, shredders, beer machines, folding organ machines, and so on. Film blowing machine: A film blowing machine heats and melts plastic particles before blowing them into a thin film. There are many types of film blowing machines: PE, POF, PVC, and so on. The new material blown out with brand new particles is uniform in color, clean, and the bag is well stretched.

R machine: It is a machine that produces various plastic packaging bags or other information packaging bags, with a processing range of plastic or other information packaging bags of different sizes, thicknesses, and specifications. Generally speaking, plastic packaging bags are the main product. Flat mouth machine: Flat mouth machine, also known as end milling machine or flat head machine, adopts advanced foreign skills and can process pipe orifices of stainless steel, iron, aluminum, and other pipes, with good processing quality, low cost The characteristic of high efficiency.

Printing machine: A machine that prints text and images, usually consisting of mechanisms such as plate loading, ink coating, embossing, and paper feeding. Its working principle is: first, the printed text and images are made into a printing plate, which is installed on a printing machine. Then, the ink is applied manually or by a printing machine to the area where the text and images are present on the printing plate. Then, it is directly or directly transferred to paper or other substrates, and the same printed matter as the printing plate is copied.

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