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sideguesst bag for coffee bag distributors.The number of packaging layers of moon cakes and Zongzi shall not exceed three

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It is reported that the packaging of moon cakes and Zongzi has the functions of protecting commodities, facilitating storage and transportation, and guiding consumption. However, excessive packaging not only wastes resources and energy, but also increases the burden on consumers. The resulting packaging waste also pollutes the environment and needs to be regulated and guided.

The GB 23350-2021 standard, revised and released last year, specifies technical requirements for packaging porosity, number of layers, and packaging cost of food and cosmetics, covering 31 categories of food such as pastries, alcoholic beverages, tea, beverages, and health foods.

Compared with other foods, the problem of over packaging of moon cakes and Zongzi is still relatively prominent. There are problems such as too many packaging layers, too large packaging gaps, and even some problems such as the use of valuable materials, mixed packaging of high-value goods. It is necessary to further refine and tighten the packaging of moon cakes and Zongzi.

According to the introduction, the specific content of the modification form includes four items:

First, reduce the number of packaging layers, and reduce the number of packaging layers of moon cakes and Zongzi from no more than four to no more than three.

The second is to compress packaging gaps, and the necessary space coefficient is the core indicator of packaging gaps, reflecting the compactness of the packaging. The smaller the value, the smaller the packaging gap. The necessary space coefficient for mooncakes has been reduced from 12 to 7, which is equivalent to a 42% reduction in packaging volume; Reduce the necessary space coefficient of Zongzi from 12 to 5, which is equivalent to a 58% reduction in packaging volume.

Third, reduce the packaging cost. For mooncakes and Zongzi with a sales price of more than 100 yuan, reduce the proportion of packaging cost in the sales price from 20% to 15%; For mooncakes and Zongzi with a sales price of less than 100 yuan, the proportion of packaging cost remains unchanged at 20%, of which packaging cost generally refers to the packaging purchase price signed between food enterprises and packaging enterprises, and sales price generally refers to the contract sales price signed between food enterprises and sales enterprises; At the same time, it is required that packaging materials shall not use precious metals and redwood materials.

Fourth, strict mixing requirements. It is stipulated that mooncakes should not be mixed with other products, and Zongzi should not be mixed with other products that exceed their prices.

The revised standard will come into effect on August 15th

It is worth noting that the revised standard will be implemented from August 15, 2022.

Why is the implementation date of the standard modification form determined to be August 15, 2022? The relevant person in charge stated that two main factors should be considered.

"On the one hand, we need to guide eligible enterprises to implement new standards as soon as possible, so that the whole society can see the results of minimalist packaging as soon as possible. On the other hand, we also need to take into account the reality that enterprises have inventory packaging, and leave some time to digest these inventory packaging to avoid waste."

This year's Mid-Autumn Festival is on September 10, and mooncakes will be listed in August. Therefore, the mandatory implementation date of the amendment sheet is set as August 15, which can effectively regulate this year's Mid Autumn market and enable enterprises to effectively digest inventory packaging.

Why should we curb excessive packaging?

According to reports, excessive packaging is no longer a new topic, and can be broadly divided into two situations. One is "third rate products, first-class packaging", which promotes "nesting doll" style gift boxes; The other is mixed with other commodities, which is said to sell mooncakes and Zongzi, but in fact, it sells red wine, tea and even gold bars, often making "sky high prices". No matter which kind of excessive packaging, it loses the pure flavor that holiday culture should have.

The harm of excessive packaging to the environment and resources is obvious. Research has shown that packaging waste accounts for approximately 30% to 40% of urban household waste in China, with a large portion generated by excessive packaging. Overpackaging is too noisy and extravagant, seriously wasting resources and even raising market prices. Some are also suspected of consumer fraud. Excessive packaging makes it difficult for consumers to judge the value of goods, seriously misleading consumers and promoting the bad habit of gift giving comparison.

Overpackaging cannot be contained without refined standards. After years of governance, the phenomenon of excessive packaging has improved, but some businesses still engage in intellectual battles with law enforcement agencies. Therefore, in order to reduce resource consumption from the source and promote a civilized and healthy holiday culture, it is necessary to first set clearer standards and draw clearer red lines for what "excessive packaging" means.

The revision of relevant national standards has been refined to include no more than three layers of packaging, and precious materials such as precious metals and redwood should not be used. This is not only a response to new situations, but also a further strengthening of old problems. The aim is to guide green production and curb excessive packaging, redesign, and resurgence in the industry.

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