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Packing bag sealing brittle and brittle break how to do?

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  Packing bag sealing brittle and brittle break reason:

  (1) The heat seal temperature is too high.

  (2) Too much pressure.

  (3) The heat sealing time is too long.

  (4) The edge of the upper sealer is too sharp or the coated PTFE is damaged.

  (5) the silicone rubber of the bottom seal is too strong.

  (6) In the process of composite and curing, part of the adhesive into the film interior. Due to the penetration effect of binder, the toughness (impact resistance) is decreased, and the brittleness is improved.

  (7) After cooling and placing the plastic composite packaging bag, the thermal sealing strength has increased, but also has a tendency to become brittle.

  Packaging solution:

  (1) Select appropriate processing temperature, pressure and heat sealing time according to the thermal sealing characteristics of the inner sealing material.

  (2) Improve the surface state of the upper heat sealing tool, so that the surface of the sealing device is smooth.

  (3) Covered with polytetrafluoroethylene cloth.

  (4) Choose the appropriate hardness of silicone rubber pad.

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