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How to prevent Bubble Mailer aging

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  Bag in box

  Today's container bag products are very common. Bubble Mailer and container bags are widely used. Bubble Mailer is good. The application in our lives is very common, but it is used for a long time. The solution contact is easy to aging. How should Bubble Maileer aging? Reasonable can reduce the aging of Bubble Mailer, which we should know. As a reliable Bubble MAILER manufacturer, our Bubble MAILER quality is still good, so this aspect is quite experienced. Let's learn together!

  How to prevent Bubble Mailer aging

  1. When using the problem of moisture, it should be dried immediately after the use;

  2. In the process of use, it is necessary to prevent acidic substances and contact, and when transporting acidic substances, acidic substances need to be packed well.

  Third, the Bubble Mailer cannot be placed in the place where the sun is shining, because the long -term sunlight will directly cause the Bubble Mailer to cause damage, contain ultraviolet rays in the sun, and ultraviolet rays will cause polypropylene materials to be directly oxidized;

  Fourth, when using Bubble Mailer or stored goods, you need to avoid long -term exposure to the sun. Only in this way can you ensure the service life of the Bubble Mailer.

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