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Perforjuice bag in box.mance and requirements for chemical liquid packaging bags

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Chemical liquids are very prone to leakage or volatilization during transportation and storage, so proper packaging and packaging are crucial. Plastic bags are a common packaging material suitable for many chemical liquids. However, in order to ensure safety and fully protect the quality and performance of chemical liquids, plastic bags need to have specific physical and chemical properties to adapt to the physical and chemical properties of chemical liquids. The following are the performance and requirements of plastic bags. Firstly, corrosion resistance is an important characteristic, as chemical liquids are usually corrosive and can corrode packaging materials. Therefore, plastic bags must have corrosion resistance to avoid problems such as leakage or deformation.

Secondly, plastic bags need to have a certain degree of temperature resistance. During transportation and storage, chemical liquids may face different temperature environments. For high-temperature liquids, plastic bags need to have high temperature resistance, otherwise they may melt or deform. For low-temperature liquids, plastic bags need to have sufficient cold resistance to avoid becoming brittle or cracking at extremely low temperatures.

In addition, plastic bags must have good sealing performance. Any leakage can lead to waste or danger of chemical liquids. Plastic bags need to be fixed and sealed to ensure that chemical liquids do not leak. Meanwhile, plastic bags need to have sufficient strength and tear resistance to avoid breakage or tearing during transportation and operation.

Finally, plastic bags should have transparency and identification to identify the nature and quantity of the packaging material. For many chemicals, they need to be accurately measured and labeled. Transparent plastic bags can make it easier for operators to check the color, concentration, and other characteristics of certain items for better understanding and judgment. In addition, identification labels can display important information such as the name, grade, batch, etc. of chemicals, which is very helpful for subsequent traceability and management.

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