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How much do you know about packaging bags

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I believe everyone can associate why plastic packaging bags are called soft packaging bags, but composite bags with professional titles should not be understood by everyone. Why are they called composite bags? For the functionality of the bags, plastic bags currently produced are at least composed of two or more layers of plastic film composite together.

Although some bags are thin, they also have at least two or more layers of information. The commonly used composite bags have 2-4 layers. What other names can these composite bags have? Below, we will introduce the bag type, usage, and information separately.

Classified by bag type: R bag (flat bag/self-adhesive bag/card head self-adhesive bag/card head anti self-adhesive bag), two side seal, three side seal, three side seal stick bone, upright stick bone, upright bag (not stick bone), upright suction bag, middle seal bag, middle seal organ bag, yin yang bag, roll film, etc.

Classified by functional materials: vacuum bags, vacuum bags, vacuum bags, aluminum plated bags, aluminum foil bags, anti-static screen bags, anti-static aluminum foil bags, etc. Classified by function: food packaging bags, clothing packaging bags, electronic packaging bags, liquid packaging bags, etc.

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