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What are the differences between polyester pet vacuum bag and nylon pa vacuum bag

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  Polyester pet vacuum bag

  Polyester pet vacuum bag is a kind of vacuum bag material, which is made of polyethylene terephthalate as raw material, extruded into thick sheets, and then biaxially stretched.

  Polyester pet vacuum bag is mainly characterized by colorless transparency, luster, high hardness and toughness, puncture resistance, friction resistance, high/low temperature resistance, oil resistance and good air tightness.

  The price of polyester pet vacuum bag is slightly higher, the general thickness is 12um, which can be made into cooking bags, and the printability is also good.

  Nylon pa vacuum bag

  The nylon vacuum bag is mainly made of pa, which is a very tough material with good transparency, good heat resistance, oil resistance, puncture resistance, and is relatively soft. However, it has poor water vapor resistance, moisture absorption, and heat sealing.

  Nylon pa vacuum bags are generally used to pack hard goods, such as meat products, greasy food, steamed and boiled food, seafood and aquatic products.

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