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Why does the food packaging bag have a odor and how to avoid it?aluminum foil bags for cooking maker

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  With the increasing food plastic packaging bag manufacturers, many food plastic soft packaging will be rejected by users due to odor, as well as incidents that have been compensated in the contaminated food pollution. The odor of the food packaging bag mainly comes from ink solvents or composite adhesives and composite glue solvents of printed ink, and some of them come from the endometrium of composite packaging. So do you know how to deal with food plastic packaging bags? It doesn't matter, let's introduce it to you, let's take a look.

  Therefore, when making a composite packaging, you should pay attention:

  1. The design of printing patterns should be selected for less colors and monochrome elements to avoid the printed patterns full of reality.

  2. When using printing ink, do not use a larger flavor ink. Do not use a high boiling point solvent containing impurities, such as scalter, mixed benzene, and recycled solvents.

  3. Do not use a single -component PS composite adhesive.

  4. The inner thin film material selected during composite should check whether it has odor. Do not use the PE film with filling charging to make the inner substrate with a composite.

  5. Try to improve the printed speed, minimize the viscosity of printing ink, reduce the amount of ink, keep the drying box and the factories open, and minimize the residue of ink and ink solvents.

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