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What are the characteristics of thin cream in a box?stand up pouch black

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Bagging cream in a box is a new type of cream packaging method, which involves placing the cream in a plastic bag and then placing the bag into the box. Compared to traditional butter packaging methods, the bagged cream in a box has the following characteristics:

Convenience: The packaging method of bagged cream in the box is very convenient because bagged cream is more portable. When cream is needed, simply press the bag lightly and the cream can be easily squeezed out. In contrast, the traditional canned cream can only be opened with a Bottle opener, which is not convenient.

Freshness: The packaging method of the thin cream in the box can maintain the freshness of the cream. The bag can seal the air to prevent oxidation and bacterial infection. Therefore, even open cream bags can be stored in the refrigerator for weeks or months.

Recyclability: The packaging method of bagging cream in the box can make the bag material more environmentally friendly. Bags are usually made of polyethylene or other recyclable materials. At the same time, bags can be reused or recycled, thereby reducing waste and environmental impact.

Space saving: The packaging method of bagging cream in the box can also save space in the refrigerator. Bagged cream is more flexible and can be stored on the milk rack of the refrigerator door or in other small spaces. In contrast, canned cream usually needs to be stored in a larger space in the refrigerator.

In summary, the packaging method of bagged cream in a box has many advantages in terms of convenience, freshness, recyclability, and space saving. It is a more environmentally friendly, economical, and convenient way of packaging cream.

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