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Method of using electrostatic adsorption for thermal shrinkage of plastic packaging.Vacuum zipper bag

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In previous heat shrink packaging, the sealing methods for the middle sealing interface were no more than edge cutting heat sealing and embossing heat sealing. They used heating to melt or break the packaging material, but both had weaknesses such as complex mechanisms, high failure rates, difficult maintenance, high personnel requirements, high scrap rates, high energy consumption, and insufficient packaging material savings. These are the common problems that all types of packaging machines currently face.

In order to solve the above problems, we have come up with a packaging method that utilizes the adsorption effect of static electricity.

The working principle of packaging using high-voltage static electricity to seal plastic films is: when an object carries a certain amount of net positive or negative charge, it is said to have static electricity. Objects with static electricity will generate adsorption phenomenon, and the magnitude of adsorption force is related to the amount of static electricity carried by the object. The larger the amount of static electricity carried, the stronger the adsorption force. At the same time, static electricity will gradually decrease after a period of time, which is related to the resistance of the object. Generally speaking, plastic has a very high resistance, so it can maintain static electricity for a long time.

We use its principle to generate a controllable high-voltage electrostatic field of tens of thousands of volts using a high-voltage electrostatic generator. During the operation of packaging plastic films, the high-voltage electrostatic field is first applied to make the film position ready for sealing carry a net negative charge. This way, the two layers of plastic films are firmly bonded together through the electric field for a certain period of time. The adhesive strength can be adjusted according to the voltage of the electrostatic field to change the amount of charge carried by the film.

Based on the above characteristics of static electricity, we have utilized the static electricity generation device to heat shrink packaging, and designed a dedicated bag making device to change the way packaging materials pass through the bag making device, forming a cylindrical shape. The packaging material is then stacked in two layers, passing through the upper and lower layers of the dedicated bag making device. After the rear section of the bag making device overlaps, it passes through the grounding terminal. Below the grounding terminal is an electrostatic discharge device. During operation, the electrostatic charge emitted by the electrostatic discharge device passes through the packaging material and the grounding terminal to form an electrostatic field, causing the upper and lower layers of the packaging material to have positive and negative charges, thereby adsorbing the two layers of packaging material together.

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