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Packaging bag development history

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  The commodity nature of packaging itself is also becoming more and more obvious, it has become a special product no longer attached to the production of commodities, a kind of all commodities are inseparable from, widely used products.

  Chinese scientists have developed an environmentally friendly plastic bag made of electrolytes that not only decompose harmlessly, but also dissolve in water.

  According to scientists, products made of common polymer plastic materials, which take hundreds of years to completely decompose, will exist on Earth for hundreds of years.

  This new environment-friendly plastic bag will not release harmful substances in the decomposition process, and it can even decompose into natural substances that insects love, which is a great help to protect the natural environment.

  The main material is polypropylene bag, polyethylene bag; According to the sewing method is divided into sewing bottom bag, sewing bottom bag. After warp and weft weaving products, generally known as woven bags.

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