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The production process and process of vacuum packaging bags

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Determine which substrate to use, how to combine, and which ink and adhesive to use based on the final use of vacuum packaging bags. The so-called end use refers to the nature of the food that the packaging bag is mainly used for, and the weight of the packaging. After packaging, it is important to understand how high the temperature must be (121 ° C, 128 ° C, and even if there is a high temperature steaming packaging bag, it can reach 140 ° C) to ensure a reasonable cost-effectiveness of the packaging bag. Therefore, it is important to understand the final use.


Determine process parameters. After determining the substrate and auxiliary materials, consider these and place an order for production in the workshop. As technical management and operators of workshop production, we must strictly follow the requirements of the process sheet to receive and prepare materials, and make sure not to make mistakes. When performing specific operations, it is necessary to follow the process parameters of the process sheet, including the number of lines and dot depth of the glue roller, the concentration of the operating glue, the temperature of each heating section of the drying channel, the size of the exhaust air volume of the blast quantum port, the speed of the startup, as well as the control of unwinding tension, drying channel tension, winding tension, surface temperature and composite pressure of the composite steel roller, and so on. Among the above process parameters, the requirements for adhesive amount (usually 4-5g/m2) and residual solvent amount (national standard is less than 10mg/m2, preferably less than 3mg/m2 for enterprise internal control) are the key to ensuring the internal quality of vacuum packaging bags, and must be taken seriously.

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