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Introduction to Barcodes for Packaging Bags

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Barcode is a graphical identifier used to express a set of information by arranging multiple black bars and spaces of varying widths according to certain coding rules. A common barcode is a parallel line pattern formed by black bars (abbreviated as bars) and white bars (abbreviated as spaces) with significantly different reflectivity.


Barcodes can indicate a lot of information such as the country of production, manufacturer, product name, production date, book classification number, email origin and destination, category, date, etc. Therefore, they are widely used in many fields such as commodity circulation, library management, postal management, and banking systems.


Every legally circulating product needs to have a barcode. A barcode is the unique identification of a product, similar to an ID card.

The encoding of barcodes follows the principle of uniqueness, which means that each product item can only have one code, and each code can only scan one type of product item. This can ensure that barcodes do not appear repeatedly worldwide. The beginning of the barcode in China is 690 to 695, in the United States it is 00-09, in Japan it is 45-49, in South Korea it is 880, and so on.

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