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Medical sterilization packaging bag

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biodegradable clear mailing bags maker

Generally, it is based on customer requirements: ISO13485 certification, CFR820, US FDA certification, 100,000 -level purification workshop, 5,000 square meters of factory buildings, registered capital 5 million

Related standards:

ISO14644, ISO10993, ISO14971, ISO11135/GB18279 ethylene oxide sterilizer, ISO11137 irradiated sterilization, ISO1134/GB18278/ISO17665 (New) damp heat sterilization

Product Category:

Plastic paper; dialysis paper; plastic bag; aluminum foil bag

Suitable sterilization and disinfection method:

EO ethylene ethylene disinfection and sterilization, STEAM high -temperature high -pressure steam damp dampness and sterilization, Gamma cobalt 60 radical disinfection sterilization, plasma sterilization (non -paper).

product material:

One side of paper (DuPont Tyves Tyvek Special Paper/French Medical Diagram Paper/British Medical Plastic Paper)+Composite plastic film.

Customer group object:

Medical device manufacturers, or hospitals

product preserve period:

Three to five years (obstructing fungi)

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