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How to inflate the packaging bag of puffed food?

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  General nitrogen filled automatic packaging machine. It does not pump vacuum. It is directly filled with high-pressure nitrogen to discharge most of the air. The whole time from nitrogen filling to sealing is about 0.3-0.5 seconds. After sealing, the nitrogen content in the package can reach 95% - 98%.

  In the packaging process, inflation and sealing are very critical. Expanded snack food is fragile. During production, transportation and sales, products should be protected from mechanical or external extrusion, and such food is vulnerable to moisture and oxidation. Therefore, expanded snack food is generally filled with inert gas nitrogen. The general inflation method is to add a gas pipe inside the molding cylinder, and the gas pipe is connected to the air source through the solenoid valve. When the packaging machine is working, the solenoid valve works with the packaging machine to inflate the packaging bag immediately before the horizontal sealing. The air volume and the inflation time are adjustable. Excessive inflation may blow up the product and cause material clamping; Too small inflation volume can not protect the product.

  Since the packaging of puffed snack food needs to be inflated, it is necessary to ensure the good and reliable sealing of the packaging bag. In order to achieve better sealing requirements, in addition to selecting packaging materials with good heat sealing performance, the performance of packaging machinery itself also plays a great role.

  First of all, it is required that the shaper and sealer of the packaging machine should be easy to use, so that the bag can be formed smoothly without pleating when sealing, because under the normal working conditions of the packaging machine, the pleating of the horizontal seal is one of the main reasons for the bag leakage.

  Secondly, pay special attention to the intersection of the horizontal seal and the vertical seal, because here is the transition between two layers of film and four layers of film, which is also prone to air leakage. Here, materials with different thicknesses need to meet the sealing requirements in a horizontal sealing, which puts forward higher requirements for packaging equipment and packaging materials. In order to meet the sealing requirements, the transverse seal of the packaging machine must have sufficient pressure and stable temperature.

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