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Introduction to the relevant applications of plastic vacuum packaging bags.paper snack food bag manufacture

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Plastic vacuum bags can be divided into two categories based on the number of layers of plastic film: single film and composite film. They can be further divided into one layer, two layers, three layers, four layers, and even 10 layers. Vacuum bags are widely used in both transportation and sales packaging. So how should we choose plastic vacuum bags after all?

Today, the packaging bag will introduce us to the key selection. The puncture resistance of plastic bags after vacuum treatment. Whether it's transportation packaging or sales packaging, one of the important functions of packaging bags is to protect food. If most of it is punctured, it will not have a protective effect. So we need to know if our product has sharp and hard substances, and what level of puncture can be achieved. The general method is to have the packaging manufacturer supply samples, conduct vacuum packaging tests on their own, and then throw, throw, press and other methods to see if there are any broken bags.

In what environment are vacuum bags used. Including the processing environment, storage environment, and transportation environment, different environmental requirements require different plastic films and printing processes. For example, for instant braised duck feet, after vacuum packaging, high temperature sterilization and water boiling sterilization have different requirements for packaging bag information. High temperature sterilization requires plastic film to be resistant to high temperatures above 121 ℃, while water boiling sterilization requires high temperature resistance of 100 ℃, and is insoluble in high temperature environments with strong water resistance.

Other needs for protecting food. The use of vacuum bags for food is to extend its shelf life and better preserve its color, aroma, and taste. In addition to the need for puncture resistance, there are many other functional requirements. Salt baked chicken legs and wings both contain oil and produce aromatic molecules, so it is necessary for plastic bags to have oil resistance and aroma retention.

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