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Can the vacuum bag be reused?

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  Even if the composite vacuum bag refers to the raw materials of different categories with double layers or double layers, the sizing method can be used according to the "structural" double-layer raw materials composed of necessary skills.

  There are several processing techniques for vacuum bags and co-extrusion methods. At least one layer requires adhesives. 291 Adhesives can be roughly divided into polyether and polyurethane adhesives. Polyether adhesives are gradually being used. It has been washed away too, and polyurethane material adhesives have two types: aliphatic and alicyclic.

  Adhesives can also be divided into water-soluble adhesives, water-soluble resin adhesives and non-water-soluble resin adhesives according to the type of use. In China, the key is to use water-soluble resin adhesives." 98% of them are alicyclic adhesives.

  The adhesives used in composite packaging are mostly polyurethane, which is made of polyhydroxy chemical substances and alicyclic isocyanate polymers, and the residual alicyclic acrylate reactivity rate is hydrolyzed and converted into futuramide.” Fructamide is such a harmful substance, and it will cause environmental pollution if it is transferred into the food category.

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