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Food packaging bag detection

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  1. The length and width are measured with a ruler, and the thickness is measured with a thickness gauge. The detection method is the same as ours.

  2. The color difference is mainly checked with the standard seal sample, and the color difference at one arm distance should be consistent. In terms of color, the printing manufacturer also uses a 50 times magnifying glass to carefully check the color of the printed matter. Generally, the color is combined by one dot. If the color is wrong, the dot will be irregularly distributed. Generally, the dot is regular and round

  3. The inspection of overprint error is mainly to visually check whether there is printing duplication.

  4. The peel strength and heat sealing strength are mainly tested by AGS-5KNG electronic universal testing machine.

  The testing principle is the same as our computer tensile tester. The peeling strength test is mainly to cut the packaging bag into packaging bag strips of about 15mm baskets with a blade, crumple one end of the packaging bag with a blade, and then manually layer it, clamp one piece of the layered packaging bag on the tension meter on both sides, and then operate it with a computer tension meter. The peel strength can be tested.

  5. In addition, the manufacturer can also detect the oxygen permeability of the packaging bag with the MT-C1 thermostatic gas oxygen permeability testing device.

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