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stand up pouch coffee packaging wholesaler!How to order universal vacuum packaging bags?

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Many customers choose non printed, transparent, and universal vacuum packaging bags in order to save costs and reduce resource waste. Below, professional flexible packaging manufacturers will summarize the ordering techniques for this type of universal vacuum packaging bag, hoping to help customers with vacuum packaging bag ordering needs.

1. Materials required for the product

The characteristics of customer demand supply products, such as high temperature resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance, puncture resistance, etc. Providing these features can help products find more suitable packaging.

2. The required size of the product

The size of vacuum packaging bags must be provided by the customer, as the same product characteristics require different sizes. Only by providing detailed dimensions can we strictly produce according to the requirements.

3. Bag type required by the product

There are many types of vacuum packaging bags, such as three sided sealed bags, self-supporting bags, organ bags, etc. This requirement is selected based on the thickness and shape of the product.

4. The required thickness of the product

The customer needs to provide the required thickness of vacuum packaging bags, as prices may vary depending on the thickness. Thickness is not only related to price, but also has a significant impact on the improvement of product grade.

5. Bag making process for bags

The bag making process of vacuum packaging bags, such as whether to make rounded corners, whether to make cuts, and the size of the top seal. A suitable bag making process will elevate the product to a higher level.

6. Bags cannot be ordered arbitrarily

Many customers do not know whether this universal vacuum packaging bag has a good vacuum pumping effect when ordering it. Some customers even use PE single-layer bags as vacuum packaging bags because PE density is relatively small, which can easily cause swelling and other situations, and cannot be used for vacuum packaging.

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