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How to determine whether the food packaging bag is regular?

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  First, look at the appearance

  The appearance of qualified food packaging bags shall be free of bubble, perforation and other defects. And the deviation of width and length is within a certain range. If it exceeds or has defects, it is unqualified packaging bag.

  Second, good performance

  It is qualified to bear a certain degree of tension during use, and the use interruption in the process is unqualified.

  Third, look at hygiene

  The unqualified can be checked for heavy metals. Residues are harmful to human health. For example, substances and residues will affect the quality of food at the same time. This bag is often very harmful to human health. Qualified food packaging bags are usually hygienic, which ensures the quality of food.

  Fourth, look at the degradation characteristics

  According to the type of degradation, it can be divided into three categories: light, biology and environment. It can react to the environmental impact of discarded packaging, and packaging can be decomposed by light and other organisms. This is what qualified food packaging bags should have. Unqualified food packaging bags cannot be easily decomposed to form pollution.

  The qualification of food packaging is very important to the environment and food, which can be distinguished from four aspects.

  The combustion test is non-toxic. The vacuum packaging bag is flammable. The flame tip is yellow and some parts are blue. It burns like a candle. Tear a few drops, and there is a wax smell. Toxic vacuum packaging bags are not easy to burn, and the flame is extinguished.

  The tip of the flame is yellow and the bottom is green, which can be softened. The non-toxic vacuum packaging bag is white, transparent or transparent with even texture. The toxic vacuum packaging bag is white or white, but its opacity is poor. The plastic surface is uneven with small particles. When the ear shakes the vacuum packaging bag by hand, the flap that gives a clear signal sound is a non-toxic vacuum packaging bag; Low noise and boredom are toxic vacuum bags. The surface of the plastic bag is smooth and non-toxic, sticky, astringent and waxy. The non-toxic plastic bag has a tasteless smell, while the pungent or abnormal smell is toxic.

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