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Anti -static packaging bag.aluminum foil bags for cooking

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1. Inner surface resistance: 105-1010 (ω/SQ), which is better than the requirements of the inner surface resistivity of 105-1012 (ω/sq) specified in the national military standard.

2. Outer surface resistivity: less than 108 (ω/sq), which is better than the requirements of the outer surface resistivity specified in the national military standards of less than 1012 (ω/sq).

3. Static attenuation: <0.05 seconds, better than the <2 seconds requirements stipulated in the national military standard

Other performance: electromagnetic interference attenuation, interception strength, and water steam penetration are better than the requirements of national military standards.

The first is the external resistance test method. The external surface resistivity is less than 1.01012Ω. This method can only test the appearance resistance of the inside of the anti -static packaging bag and the outer layer, and the appearance resistance rate is 1.0105Ω to 1.01012Ω. It is not a test for the resistance of the anti -static packaging bag shielding layer. Therefore, the test result does not reflect the performance of the static shielding of the anti -static packaging bag. There is a difference between the test results and the shielding performance test requirements.

Second, the peak voltage test method of static induction is used to measure the external resistance measurement method to measure the inductive peak voltage as the indicator.

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