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The common problems of self -standing bags are here, the solutions are here

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  With the development of the market, consumption has become more and more required, and its own bags have attracted the eyes of many people with their unique shapes and convenience characteristics. The expansion of the independent bag size has been continuously raised, mainly including leakage, inflammation, sealing asymmetry, and size errors. Today, Xiongxian Giant Paper Package brings you a solution.

  1. Bag leakage

  The reason for leakage of self -standing bags is mainly to choose composite material selection and heat seal strength.

  1. Material selection

  The selection of materials has a great impact on the quality of independent bags. The appropriate material can ensure the heat -sealing strength of the independent bag and the peeling strength between the material layer, and ensure that the independent bag is not easy to damage. Therefore, the surface tension of the composite surface of the thin film must be greater than 38DYN/CM; the low temperature thermal seal performance of the inner heat -seal film is good, and the surface tension of the hot cover must be less than 34DYN/CM; in addition, the ink with good connection performance must be selected. , High solid content and low viscosity adhesive, high -purity organic solvents.

  2. Hot seal intensity

  Low the heat of the heat is also the cause of the leakage of the independent bag. The heat sealed intensity is low, and the heat seal may be separated from the external environment, resulting in leakage.

  Therefore, the heat seal temperature and thermal pressure should be set according to the characteristics of the independent bag material. After the hot seal is completed, the leak test is also required. The simplest and practical method is to charge a certain amount of air in the bag, seal the hot bag, put it in the pot of the water, squeeze the different parts of the bag with your hands, and squeeze the bags of the bag with your hands. If there is no air bubble, it means that the blocking of the bag is well closed. In addition, the four -layer seal at the bottom of the independent bags is the most critical part. After full test verification, the heat seal temperature, thermal sealed pressure and the heat sealing time can be determined.

  Second, bag type uneven

  The flatness is one of the indicators to measure the appearance quality of the packaging bag. In addition to the material factors, the flatness of the self -standing bag is also related to the heat sealed temperature, thermal sealed pressure, the heat sealing time and the cooling effect. The temperature of the heat seal is too high or the hot sealed pressure is too large, and the heat sealing time is too long, which will cause the composite membrane to shrink and deform. Insufficient cooling can cause insufficient setting after the heat sealing, cannot eliminate the internal stress, and fold the bags. Therefore, the process parameters should be adjusted and ensured that the cooling water circulation system work is normal.

  Third, poor symmetry

  Symmetry poorly affects the aesthetics of the bag, but also affects the performance and stability of the heat. The main reasons for the poor symmetry of independent bags include the incorrect thickness of the composite membrane, including lotus leaf edge, too small tension of double floating rollers, improper control of the base tension, and some rolling rotation unstable. Therefore, to avoid taking targeted solutions.

  By adjusting the tension of double floating rollers, checking and adjusting the relevant guide rollers (such as compensation rollers, bias rollers, etc.), appropriately reduce the tension of the discharge, and add the waiting time to correction during the heat sealed.

  In addition, the bag type is also related to factors such as photovoltaic tracking, discharge, cursor design, rubber roller balance, and synchronization of step motor or servo motor. This problem should be solved according to different products and different bag -making equipment in specific operations.

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